Be a neighbour, next door to the sun.

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Arrival and Departure

(*)From Monday until Friday - from 15:00h until 20:00h
• Arrivals until 20:00h: Free of charge
• Arrivals between 20:00h. and 21:00h: 20€
• Arrivals from 21:00h. to 24:00h.: 30€
• Arrivals from 24:00h. onwards: 40€

(**) Arrivals on Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday days
• Arrivals until 21:00h: 20€
• Arrivals between 21:00h. and 24:00h: 30€
• Arrivals from 24:00h. onwards: 40€

  1. According to the current normative of the city council, the holder of the reservation or one of the guests has to sign a brief rental contract and pay in cash the Barcelona`s tourist tax of 2.48€ per guest, per night (only adults) .
  2. All guests must identify themselves with Passport or ID in order to complete the official register.
  3. Even though the Apartment is like your own home, parties and social gatherings are not allowed. Our neighbours should not be disturbed at all. Please note, that you are not allowed to make loud noises after 10pm and before 9am. If this happens, we might ask you to leave and charge you the deposit.
  4. Remember to take the keys with you, if you lose them at night or leave them inside we will have to charge the emergency assistance and key.
  5. Smoking inside the Apartment is not allowed, please use the balconies
  6. To avoid an unnecessary consumption of energy, the planet and ourselves will appreciate if you turn off the lights, heating and A.C. system while leaving the Apartment.
  7. We expect you to leave the Apartment in a reasonable condition. Please take away the garbage and leave it on the Street bins.
  8. Inform us of any flaw so we can solve it as quicker as possible. We are here to help.
  9. Please Enjoy your stay as much as possible!

Before you leave: Check-Out

  1. We expect you to leave the Apartment as you receive it, clean and tidy. Please don´t leave garbage inside the apartment. You must leave it in the Street bins.
  2. Leave the keys on top of the table and make sure to lock the door.
  3. Inform us of any flaw so we can solve it quickly. That way, the next guests can receive the apartment in the same conditions than you.
  4. In case of damage or loss, we are authorized to charge you from the deposit.